Theme guides with detailed instructions for setting up the theme.

Using the Menu System

You can create a menu from Appearance » Menus in WordPress admin.

1. Creating Menus & Adding to Theme Locations

The first step of creating our menu is to open the WP Menu Editor. To start click create a new menu link. You just need to enter a Menu Name and click Create Menu.

Once you’ve created the menu, the your next step is to select the Menu as the Main Navigation under the Theme Locations. Just press on Header Menu checkbox. After you’ve selected your Theme Location, click Save. This is what links your newly created menu to the theme.

The final step is adding pages and links to your newly created Menu. You can just select a page via the checkbox and click Add to Menu.

Then the page will be added in the Menu list on the right. You can drag menu items around to order them. Or customize/delete the menu items by clicking on the down arrow on the right. Once you are done customizing your menu, click Save Menu.

Created Menu will be placed here:

2. Sub Menus

You can make multiple level’s of sub-menus. All you need to do is drag the menu item that you want inside the sub-menu under-neath the parent menu item. There will be an option to indent the item, so that the sub-menu item looks like it is pushed inside of the parent menu item.

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