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How to Translate a WordPress Theme

The only tool you need for translating a WordPress theme is Poedit. Follow the instructions on its website to install the tool. It’s very simple. Once you have Poedit, you’ll be ready to translate.

1. How to translate the theme

To translate the theme, you need to find the file named ThemeName.pot located in the languages directory inside the theme folder. Open it. From this point, you must go through every line of text and translate it to your language. You must first click the text string you want to translate. Then, you type it in your language at the bottom of the screen.

2. Saving the translation

Once you’ve translated the theme, you’ll want to save it two times. Once as a .po file and once as as .mo file. You must save this according to your language code. A list of language codes can be found here:

For example, French is fr_FR, so you need to save the translation as fr_FR.po first. Then, you need to save it as

3. How to use the translation

To use a translation, you first need to add the .mo and .po files to languages directory of the theme folder. Then, you’ll need to make sure your wp-config.php file matches your language files. For example, if using a French translation, you’ll need to add the fr_FR.po and files to languages folder. Then, you’ll want to set your language in wp-config.php, like this:

define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');

Once you save that file, the theme will be in your language.

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