Theme guides with detailed instructions for setting up the theme.

Getting Started

A few words on getting started with PinThis, package files & theme support.

1. Included Files

After downloading the theme package unzip it. Inside the package you will find the following folders and files:

  • child-theme
  • demo-content
  • documentation
  • Installable
  • licensing
  • changelog.txt

2. Installation Options

We assume you already have the default wordpress installed in your server.

To install PinThis WordPress theme (that you’ve already downloaded and unpacked) you have two primary options: FTP or WordPress theme upload from the Dashboard.

3. FTP Upload

To manually upload PinThis wordpress theme, login with your credentials to your website and locate the /wp-content/themes directory on your server. Upload the unzipped theme folder into the:

  • Log into your site via FTP
  • Browse to your folder located at wp-content/themes
  • Upload the PinThis theme folder.
  • Log Into WordPress and go to Appearance » Themes
  • Find the theme and click to activate

Note: Please ensure you are uploading the unzipped theme folder, not the entire package downloaded.

4. WordPress Upload

First you need to login to the administrative panel of your WordPress website.

Go to the Appearance menu section, select Themes, and then click the Add New Theme button. Select the Upload link and you will see the following:

Click the Browse button. A window will show up that will allow you to locate the archive that contains your theme.

Select the file and click Open. The File upload window will close. Click the Install now button next to Browse.

This will automatically install your PinThis theme, and you will see a page like this one:

Select the Activate option to make the PinThis theme the default one for your website. You will be taken to the full list of themes, with the PinThis one at the top.

Once done with the settings you can go to the main page and voilla:

5. Importing Demo Content

We recommend you install the demo content which will guide you on creating posts and pages compatible to the theme.

Below explanation is an step by step explanation on how to import our demo website content, please read carefully.

  1. Login into your WordPress Admin section.
  2. Go to Tools » Import in the blog’s admin panels.
  3. Click on the WordPress and follow the instructions if Import plugin isn’t installed yet (3.0+).
  4. Browse the included demo-content.xml (XML file) from main Zip Package » demo-content and Upload the XML file.
  5. You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the blog. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the blog or to create a new user.
  6. Click the “Download and import file attachments” checkbox to download all image attachments.
  7. WordPress will then import each of the posts, page, custom post types, comments, and categories contained in this file into your blog.
  8. Notice that the Sidebar Widgets are not replicated on your imported demo content. You should be the one to create the widgets. To create widgets, navigate to the left sidebar menu of the WordPress’ Dashboard, then Appearance » Widgets. Just drag and drop the widgets on to the widgets area on the right side of the widgets page.
  9. After this, you should also update the Menus by going to Appearance » Menus.
  10. Done! You should now have the demo content similar from the Live Preview of the theme.

6. Theme Support

If you have a problem with the theme or found a bug please let us know by sending us an email and we will help sort out your problem.

We tested the theme with major browsers and different devices. Unfortunately it is impossible to run every test scenario.

Note: We are happy to help with setup and any bugs you may stumble upon.

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