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Custom Post Formats

This theme offers a wide variety of options to aid you in creating nice-looking pages with any content.

Applying a specific format to a post enables additional editing options that will grant your page both a unique look and great user experience.

1. Standard

This post format is displayed with a featured image (if it’s set), post title, post excerpt and pinbox metadata.

2. Aside

This is a simple post with a post excerpt, commonly used to make notes.

3. Image

This format is very similar to a standard post format. The main difference is that post title and post excerpt are not displayed by default.

4. Quote

A small post that displays a styled quotation & author information with a blockquote used as an icon. If featured image it’s set will be display as a background.

5. Status

This post format is a short status update, commonly used to post tweets. Displayed with a post excerpt and pinbox metadata.

6. Audio

A post that displays an audio file. You can either upload your own file or add a link from an external source. If a featured image is set, it will be displayed in the header area of pinbox.

7. Video

A post that contains a video in the header part of the pinbox. You can either provide a URL to Youtube / Vimeo file or upload your own video.

Along with that you can apply a custom cover image (if featured image is set) to the video that will be shown on a blog listing page.

For better visual result you can choose video aspect ratio – 16:9 or 4:3.

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